Mr. Nathan Chaplin III​

With his distinguished record in industry and academia, Mr. Chaplin’s cutting edge style of teaching prepares students to enter careers in professional and intercollegiate sports, events and venue management, and Olympic sports.


As Program Coordinator of the Sport Management and Human Performance programs, Mr. Nathan Chaplin III brings a wealth industry and academic knowledge to the classroom. His diverse experiences in athletic development – donor relations, special events, event operations and logistics, and facility management training – helps give Claflin’s sport and recreation programs a firm fitting among America’s elite Sport Management programs. Moreover, Mr. Chaplin’s pedagogical training remains relevant through his continued work with the University of South Carolina at Columbia Football Game Day Operations team.


  • Ed.D. in Education Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education from University of North Carolina at Charlotte (In progress- May 2018)
  • M.S. in Sport and Entertainment Management from University of South Carolina at Columbia
  • B.S. in Sport and Entertainment Management from University of South Carolina at Columbia

Research Interests

  • Public vs. Private Financing of Sport and Entertainment Venues
  • Academic Preparedness of Incoming NCAA Division I African American Freshmen Athletes


Mr. Chaplin came to Claflin University a decade ago after working with the University of South Carolina Athletics Department. While there he worked extensively with the student and junior gamecock club, and assisted the general club. In this capacity, he gained valuable knowledge in subject areas such as development and fundraising, event management, facility management, marketing and sales, NCAA compliance, and public speaking.

Mr. Chaplin also plays a vital role in the academy. His educational training and professional experiences have paved the way for teaching courses in sport marketing, sport law, sport ethics, facility management, and project management. In 2012, he was named program coordinator of the Claflin University Sport Management and Human Performance division.

Activities and Honors

  • Project director, Claflin University CDF Freedom School, reading and learning loss prevention program for K-12
  • Hospitality Retail & Sports Management Academic Award, University of South Carolina at Columbia
  • Service Award, School of Education, Claflin University Academic Affairs Division

Mr. Nathan Chaplin III​
Instructor/Coordinator of Human Performance and Recreation Activities
  • School of Education
Jonas T. Kennedy, 120